Flying Wing CG Calculator 2
Aerodynamic Center (AC), Mean Aerodynamic Chord (MAC), Center of Gravity (CG) and Wing Area
Wing Root Chord (A): 
Panel Chord (B): 
Panel Chord1 (B1): 
Wing Tip Chord (B2): 
Wing Sweep Distance1 (S): 
Wing Sweep Distance2 (S2): 
Wing Panel Span1 (Y): 
Wing Panel Span2 (Y2): 
Enter Static Margin, then
Mean Aerodynamic Chord MAC = 
Sweep Distance at MAC (C) = 
From Root Chord to MAC (d) = 
From Wing Root LE to AC = 
From Wing Root LE to CG = 
Wing Area = 
Wing Aspect Ratio = 
    Enter the variables at left using the same units for all entries.
    For a wing to be stable in pitch, its CG must be forward of the
    Aerodynamic Center AC by a safety factor called Static Margin,
    which is a percentage of the MAC (Mean Aerodynamic Chord).
    Static Margin should be between 1% and 10% for a good stability.
    Low Static Margin gives less static stability but greater elevator
    authority, whereas a higher Static Margin results in greater static
    stability but reduces elevator authority. Recommended Static Margin:
    10% for beginners, 5% for intermediate level and 1% for experts.

    For wings with single panel click here
Calculate Wing Loading
Wing Area :  sq. in
sq. dm
Aircraft Weight :  ounces
Max Lift Coefficient :  Max Cl.
WING LOADING :  oz/sq.ft
CUBIC LOADING :  oz/cubic.ft

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