Estimate DC Motor & Prop Combo
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Disclaimer: The calculated values are only approximate.
The calculations are based on assumptions of Battery, ESC & Prop performances, which may deviate from the real.
The accuracy is usually about ±12%. However, it is strongly recommended to measure the actual max values before flight.
We do our best to provide the highest possible accuracy, but if you spot bugs, significant discrepancies or have suggestions,
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Calculate Wing Loading & Stall Speed :
 Wing Area
  in2      dm2
  in     dm
 All Up Weight
  oz     g
        Wing Max CL
 Wing Loading
  oz/ft2   g/dm2
Cubic Loading       Thrust / Weight
oz/ft3      /1
 Power / Weight
  W/Kg   W/lb
 Stall Speed
  mph  Kmh
  Aspect Ratio
Remarks (if any):

Airspeed [Km/h]

      Estimated max level flight airspeed:
       mph          Km/h
Disclaimer: The calculated values are only approximate.
You may change the value of CDoL to change the Zero-Lift Drag Curve.
The calculator can be useful for comparing different Propellers.